Prepaid Options

Planning with Fry Bros

When you pre-plan your funeral with Fry Bros, we will meet with you to document your wishes and instructions. We will also help you with all arrangements, including the pre-purchase of burial plot(s), choosing a coffin, the style of service you would like and any tributes you would like to include. We can also document details such as who you would like as your pallbearers, and the readings, poems, songs or hymns you’d like.

Below are some of the ways Fry Bros can help you plan ahead:


Pre-Arranged Funeral

This is the first step towards formally documenting your funeral wishes and your family details.

There is no financial commitment and it is not a binding contract. Rather it is a guide as to how you want to be remembered and assures those closest to you of your wishes. 

We have found this simple step allows peace of mind for your family in the time to come.

A copy of your pre-arranged funeral plan will be kept safe with Fry Bros.

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Prepaid Funeral Plan

This is a written contract which details the funeral service you want and fixes the price at today’s cost.

In order to pre-pay your funeral, you will need to decide what your wishes are. Fry Bros will then provide you with an estimate and formally document the Prepaid Funeral Contract. This is when monies are exchanged and your Prepaid is complete.

The advantage of a Prepaid Funeral Plan is that it is not affected by inflation.

Prepaid funerals and funeral bonds are not considered an asset with Centrelink.

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 Funeral Bond

A Funeral Bond allows you to put money aside to help cover the cost of your funeral. It is not an itemised contract, but rather a “lump sum” to be used to cover your funeral costs at the time of need.

You can invest as little as $25 per month, and stop at any time. When the time comes to access the Funeral Bond, an invoice for your funeral is written as per your wishes/family instructions and the difference is then reimbursed or invoiced to your estate.

There are limits on the maximum amount that can be invested. Feel free to ask Fry Bros for more details.

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For more information about how Fry Bros can help you plan ahead, or to book an appointment with one of our friendly arrangers, please click here