Wholly owned and operated by the Fry family since 1889.

Fry Bros was established by brothers Harry and Richard Fry in 1889. They utilized the resources, such as horses, blacksmiths and horsemen available from their father Henry who was the proprietor of Fry's Coaches.

Henry arrived in Paterson in 1861. He possessed exceptional carpentry skills and made ends meet by building horse drawn vehicles.

This activity led to the development of a successful coach business. From the 1860's Fry's Coaches conveyed passengers and the Royal Mail throughout the Valley until the North Coast rail line was completed through Dungog in 1911.

Fry Bros was also associated with furniture production, (early pieces were commonly made from cedar and are now keenly sought by antique collectors.)

The funeral component of the business has thrived to this present day. Father to son - for five generations.

Over many years, the late Lindsay Fry had been a role model for his son Tony in the running of Fry Bros. 

Tony and his wife Margaret honour Lindsay’s legacy and are proud to continue the family tradition.

Lindsay was delighted to witness the sixth generation becoming involved and is an inspiration to his granddaughters – The Fry Sisters: Annabelle, Dominique, Odette and Genevieve.

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