Step by Step

Upon the death of someone close, there are details that require immediate attention.

  • It must be established that life is absent from the body. The deceased's doctor should be contacted to certify the cause of death. By law permission is required to proceed. This will be provided by a doctor or Coroner's Order.
  • If you are alone, call someone - a relative, friend, neighbour or church member, ¬†someone to share your thoughts, offer comfort, discuss steps to take, or just a hand to hold. Please feel comfortable to contact a member of our team
  • Check whether the deceased has a pre-arranged funeral plan. Documentation of such a plan would normally be kept with immediate family, in a safe deposit box at the bank, with a solicitor or in a secure location in the home along with important documents such as a Will, Life Insurance etc.
  • Fry Bros may be contacted, no matter what time of day or night. A Fry Bros team member can come to your home to discuss arrangements, or, alternatively, you can attend our Funeral Home.
  • Nominate one family member as spokesperson with whom the funeral Director can liaise. Often it may be the next of kin or an executor of the estate.
  • Decide upon your budget for the funeral. Funeral costs can vary according to the choices made. Generally the extent of the services provided and the quality and style of the merchandise will dictate the price.
  • Fry Bros can provide an estimate of all charges and disbursements as soon as practicable after instructions have been taken. The account usually comprises three segments - the casket, disbursements (eg flowers, newspaper notices, cemetery plot, cremation fees, medical fees for issuing of certificates, honorariums or fees for clergy, celebrants, church fees, musicians etc) and Funeral Director's charges (eg all overhead costs relating to services provided such as cars, mortuary, hearse, personal services, liaison with service providers and provision of premises etc)