Planning a Funeral in Tea Gardens

An Introduction to Funerals

The death of a loved one evokes emotions that touch the very core of our being. The mystery of death, the fear of the unknown, the sadness of losing a soul mate, close friend or relative often leaves us confused, angry and alone. It is a time when much soul-searching and questioning about the purpose of our being is foremost in our minds.

Our spirituality and religious beliefs are tested and our psychological and physical well-being is vulnerable.

Some cultures celebrate the passing on of the spirit to a purer existence as a time, not of sadness, but of joy -  the majority of us find the finality of death difficult to accept.

It is in this state of distress and adjustment that a family member must make important decisions and take practical steps to organize the many particulars required when someone dies.

This information has been designed to help those of you who have been placed in a position of organizing a funeral by leading you through the steps that need to be considered when a death occurs. Apart from being an invaluable guide to those needing immediate help and advice, this site contains information that everyone should know. Our own death is inevitable and that of someone close to us is likely. Prior knowledge of what to do in case of death will lessen the burden when the time comes. By taking the necessary measures to be prepared for our own death, we will lighten the load on those we love most dearly. Simple, practical steps taken now can provide guidance for those we leave behind.

This guide will also remove some of the mystery surrounding the processes involved in funerals and is an important resource in life education for children and adults alike.

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